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How To Register for Online Auctions:

In order to bid on items for our online auctions you must first register. Once you register for one auction you do not have to do so again for any of our other auctions. You keep the same username and password for every auction.


Once you click the link on our website it will take you to this screen where you will be able to view and bid on our current auctions. At the top of the screen you must first click the log in/new bidder button.




If you have already registered for one of our auctions, this is where you type in you username and password to log back in. If you are a new bidder for our online auctions then you must click the "Click Here If You Are a New Bidder" button first.




Next you must give your email address. Make sure this is an email you check often because this is how you can get notified right away if you have been outbid on an item. Invoices for all high bidders will be sent to this email address immediatly following the conclusion of every auction.



Next you must fill out all of the following information which includes name, address, phone number, etc. All of this information is striclty confidential. This is also where you can choose whether or not you want other bidders to see your name when you yourself are bidding on items, so be sure to read the options carefully.




If you have filled out everything correctly, this screen will pop up when you are finished. You can now bid on any item from all of our current and future online auctions! Just be sure to remember your username and password.





If you have any other questions with how to register call (608)219-5026 

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