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Commonly Asked Questions About Online Auctions

Why does the auction not end exactly at the time specified?

  • Auctions with multiple items use a staggered ending time. Each item has its own ending time. If the auction is scheduled to end at 6:00pm, then the first item is scheduled to end at 6pm, but each item after the first will end in a set staggered interval. An example is a 10 seconds stagger, each item will end 10 seconds after the item before it. 
  • Also, all our online auctions use AutoExtend. An example of AutoExtend is that if you are bidding on an item scheduled to end at 6pm and you place a bid at 5:59, then the auction will AutoExtend to stay open for two more minutes on that specific item. This will continue until no bids are placed during the 2 minute AutoExtend period. Because of this, be sure to refresh your screen constantly during the ending of an auction.

How can I add my items to the next online auction?

  • Visit the Contact Us page and submit the online form to send us an email detailing the type of items that you are hoping to sell. Kyle will get back to you within a couple of business days to discuss our current auction timeline and set up a time to come look at the items that you have. For more information on our online auction process, visit our Sell with Sunrise page.

How do I register and bid for the online auction that is open now?

  • Visit the How to register for online auctions page for step by step directions on registering for and bidding in the online auction that is open now. Otherwise, click the sun on the left side of this page that says "Click here to view auction and register" or click on this link 
  • Once redirected to HiBid, click the name of the auction that is currently open. Beneath the auction details, there is an orange button that says "Register to bid". Click that button to submit your registration. Scroll down and you will find our catalogue with all of the lots. Find a lot you like, and select the bid button beneath that items photo to submit an online bid. Happy Bidding!

Why do I have to enter my credit card information in HiBid? Can I still pay with cash or a check at the time of pick up? 

  • Yes, you can still pay with a cash or a check at the time of pickup. The card on file will not be charged before pickup day is over for in-state buyers unless shipping is requested.
  • HiBid will require that you enter a valid credit card during registration once every six months. This ensures that we have honest bidders, protecting both our consigners and buyers from robot bidders. 
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