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Commonly Asked Questions About Online Auctions

Why does the auction not end exactly at the time specified?

  • Auctions with multiple items use a staggered ending time. Each item has its own ending time. If the auction is scheduled to end at 6:00pm, then the first item is scheduled to end at 6pm, but each item after the first will end in a set staggered interval. An example is a 10 seconds stagger, each item will end 10 seconds after the item before it. 
  • Also, all our online auctions use AutoExtend. An example of AutoExtend is that if you are bidding on an item scheduled to end at 6pm and you place a bid at 5:59, then the auction will AutoExtend to stay open for two more minutes on that specific item. This will continue until no bids are placed during the 2 minute AutoExtend period. Because of this, be sure to refresh your screen constantly during the ending of an auction.





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