Sunrise Auction Company Inc. Kyle Connell 805 E. Burton BLVD. (608) 219-5026 Deforest, WI 53532
Sunrise Auction Company  Inc.          Kyle Connell                   805 E. Burton BLVD.                      (608) 219-5026   Deforest, WI 53532

Services Provided


Sunrise Auction Company specializes in online auctions that ensure we are able to reach a wide market of potential buyers.  

  • Are you moving?
  • Has a family member recently passed?
  • Liquidating farm/agricultural assets?
  • Antique collections you want to sell?
  • Foreclosing on a property?


Surise Auction Company specializes in all of these areas.  Sunrise Auction Company has been conducting and facilitating auctions for the past 25 years.  A combination of organization, leadership and family values lead to succesful auctions, leaving you well-informed from start to finish



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